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Small Changes Make a Big Difference | Vegan Beauty

The sale of vegan products has continued to grow in popularity worldwide as consumers seek cruelty-free alternatives to their favourite items. Although plenty of attention focuses on diet, there is so much more to being vegan than food. Products like toothpaste, makeup, cleaning products, clothing, and other items often contain animal products or are tested on animals. Fortunately, some companies are starting to listen to the requests of the vegan community and now offer cruelty-free alternatives that provide peace of mind. 

Your vegan journey may be a bit overwhelming at first. After all, you are only one person. It helps to remember that all of the little things you do add up. For example, by simply switching to vegan toothpaste, you stop contributing money to companies that use ingredients like glycerin, calcium phosphate, and propolis in their products. Educating yourself about these types of products and their ingredients can help you feel empowered. Trusted vegan websites can offer suggestions about what to try and what to avoid. Vegan alternatives offer benefits without harmful consequences and a guilty conscience. 

When you choose vegan toothpaste, you are not increasing your likelihood of cavities if you use good brushing techniques and consistency. Selecting a quality toothbrush and keeping regular appointments will also improve oral health. Clean, healthy teeth are possible with the added benefit of fresh breath. It is important to cheque the ingredient list on products like toothpaste to ensure that the vegan label is correct. As you continue your vegan journey, you will become comfortable reading ingredient lists and knowing what to look for. 

With all of the fantastic choices in vegan products, there is no reason to neglect your beauty and oral health routines. Many popular make-up companies have removed non-vegan ingredients and focused their advertising on plant-based consumers. Although this is a step in the right direction, you may still want to research ingredients and methods used by big-name companies looking to gain vegan consumers. You may feel more comfortable using products that have invested in cruelty-free production from their beginnings. 

The ultimate vegan goal is to live a life that avoids harm to other living creatures. Accomplishing this is easier than ever with the ever-expanding list of products available today. The personal and societal benefits are massive and contribute to the world positively. Your choices in everything from the food you eat to the toothpaste you use can change the world for the better. 


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