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Is toothpaste vegan? The Unfortunate Truth About Vegan Labels in the UK

Is Toothpaste Vegan?

When most consumers purchase a vegan product, they assume that no animal products are used in production. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Current regulations in countries around the world vaguely define ‘vegan.’ This can lead to some confusion. Even low-level contamination occurring in the production practices can be upsetting on an ethical level and can have severe consequences for individuals with allergies to animal products. 

While laws are meant to prevent consumers from being misled, the lack of a strict definition of what is considered ‘vegan’ is frustrating. There are independent brands that are accountable and transparent regarding their ingredients and production practices. Until all products using ‘vegan’ in their branding are held to the same standards, with clear and legally binding guidelines, vulnerable consumers may continue to feel uncomfortable purchasing these types of products. 

Fortunately, there are certification processes that many vegan brands choose to go through to earn consumer trust. Looking for logos is one way to identify whether or not a brand is certified. For example, companies must follow strict guidelines to display logos endorsed by the Vegan Society (an international vegan standard). These guidelines include proper training for employees working with products, stringent cross-contamination prevention efforts, clear separation of vegan/non-vegan products, and continued compliance with all guidelines. No animal products, byproducts, or derivatives may be used from any animal species, and no animal testing may be involved in production. The certification process is overseen by an outside source without the option of self-certification for quality assurance.  

When it comes to products like toothpaste, consumers may assume that the ingredients are vegan when they are usually not. Both animal products and animal testing are often involved in producing many major toothpaste brands. Glycerin is one product that is a significant concern for vegans. It can be of animal or plant origin, so it is essential to read ingredient labels and check with the manufacturer when in doubt. There may also be added flavours that are not clearly defined as vegan, which causes some concern. Animal testing often occurs when artificial colors and other chemicals are used in many toothpaste brands. 

If you ask yourself, Is toothpaste vegan? Check the ingredient list, look for certified logos or contact the brand directly to learn more about the product and manufacturing processes. It may give you peace of mind and help you discover which brands are dedicated to producing genuinely vegan goods. 

Tooth Be Told is proud to be certified by the Vegan Society. This means you can guarantee that the ingredients in our toothpaste are 100% vegan. 



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