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Gentler Cleaning: The Science Behind Tooth Be Told's Vegan Toothpaste

Gentler Cleaning: The Science Behind Tooth Be Told's Vegan Toothpaste

In the world of oral care, harsh is out, and gentle is in. At Tooth Be Told, we believe in the power of gentle cleaning. Our vegan toothpaste harnesses the strength of nature's finest ingredients to care for your mouth effectively and gently.

A Shift in Cleaning Philosophy

Traditionally, toothpaste formulas have leaned on harsh ingredients and synthetic foaming agents to create the illusion of effective cleaning. However, numerous studies suggest that these additives contribute little to oral hygiene and may even cause unnecessary irritation.

Formulating a Gentler Toothpaste

Tooth Be Told's vegan toothpaste replaces these abrasive chemicals with natural, plant-based ingredients. Key components like activated charcoal and mint offer deep-cleaning properties without the need for synthetic foaming agents, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

The Science of Gentler Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, the foaming action of typical toothpaste isn't necessary for effective cleaning. Research, such as a study published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, indicates that SLS-free toothpaste can clean just as effectively as their foaming counterparts, while being significantly gentler on oral tissues.

Experience the Tooth Be Told Way

Our mission at Tooth Be Told is to offer an oral care experience that is both comfortable and efficient. Through careful formulation, we've created a vegan toothpaste that embodies gentler cleaning, reducing discomfort and enhancing your oral health. Brush with us and experience the soothing difference today.


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